Who are we and what is our mission? Mostly all, we are great lovers of nature, animals and people. And to love is to spread love. Perfect love. Caring for others, helping them, being close to them when we can. We decided to help animals with the help of pure nature. Just pure nature – and nothing more.

Perfect Love, are purely natural veterinary preparations for dogs, cats, horses, rats, rabbits – but also for animals in zoos or rescue animal stations.

We fulfill and realize ideas about what it means to be purely natural, natural for the animal, effective, yet gentle and safe. Such are the purely natural veterinary products of Perfect Love for care, prevention and treatment support.

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Step by step we are preparing for you descriptions of all products in your language. If you need any further information from us, do not hesitate to write or call.

    • Love 01 Healthy teeth and gums / for dogs
    • Love 03 Ears care – regular care
    • Love 04 Ears care – intensive care
    • Love 05 Eyes care / Blend of floral waters
    • Love 14 Intensive boswellie / Rubbing oil blend
    • Love 21 Healthy coat and skin / Rubbing oil blend
    • Love 22 Healthy coat and skin / Innovative shampoo
    • Love 23 Allergies, itching and healing / Rubbing oil blend
    • Love 24 Allergies, itching and healing / Innovative shampoo
    • Love 25 Allergies, itching and healing / Cuddly therapy
    • Love 26 Relaxing powder / Cuddly therapy
    • Love 31 Paws and muzzle natural balm
    • Love 40 Support at seizure/ Supportive inhalation
    • Love 42 In epilepsy / Rubbing oil blend
    • Love 50 For quick calm down / Supportive inhalation and rubbing
    • Love 51 Soothing powder / Cuddly therapy
    • Love 52 Crisis phial for soothing relief / Supportive inhalation and rubbing
    • Love 54 Trauma and stress load / Rubbing oil blend
    • Love 56 Fear and anxiety / Rubbing oil blend
    • Love 58 Aggression and dominance in hormonal imbalance – Male / Rubbing oil blend
    • Love 62 Hormonal imbalance and false pregnancy – Female / Rubbing oil blend
    • Love 64 Separation anxiety and loneliness / Rubbing oil blend
    • Love 71 Cancer and tumors / Supportive inhalation
    • Love 78 Cognitive+ / Rubbing oil blend
    • Love 100 Healthy teeth and gum / For cats
    • Love B51 Psychological state and adaptation support / Herbal blend
    • Love B33 Kidney support / Herbal blend
    • Love B34 Liver support / Herbal blend
    • Love B37 Urinary incontinence / Herbal blend
    • Love B40 Epilepsy / Herbal blend
    • Love B42 Cancer and tumors / Herbal blend
    • Love B36 Allergies and atopy / Herbal blend
    • Love D02 Rose hydrolate / Floral water
    • Love D03 Camomile hydrolate / Floral water
    • Love D04 Cornflower hydrolate / Floral water
    • Love J02 Jasmin / pure natural parfum
    • Love J03 Rose / pure natural parfum
    • Love J06 Perfect Chap (Vetiver) / pure natural parfum

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